Still looking for a room in Göttingen?
Or maybe looking for an upgrade?
Allow us to present the coolest Student Residence in Göttingen:

Accommodation Services:

With 41 dorms and 4.700 rooms, Studentenwerk is the biggest provider of affordable student accomodation. While technically independent from the university, they work in close collaboration, making them "the official University residences"
All dorms from Studentenwerk are keep in good condition, and we strongly recomend that you do take a room with them if you are offered one.
If you initially refuse the offer and try again to get a room with them, the waiting list tends to be of six months.


For general information about accommodation for students, there is a site of the University of Göttingen, which offers you a lot of information as well.


Private Market / Other Websites:

If you want to look for an apartment on your own, there are a lot of websites offering rooms or flats. But one of them is speccially used by students.
Here our recomendation is to send multiple applications to different rooms at once. Not all of them will answer you, and even if they do you might still have to pass by an interview.


The Interview:

Extremly normal and typical for shared flats in Germany, but a surprise for most international students, is being invited for an interview for the room you applied for - this does not happen if you rent directly from Studentenwerk or from Basecamp.
On shared flats, when one of the students leaves, are the other students staying on the flat longer that will look for a new flatmate. And of course, they want to find someone that will fit it them - for that they organise interviews.
This can be quite frustrating for international students, specially if you do not speak German.
During the interview, if you are already in Göttingen, they will show you the flat and will ask you general questions about yourself: studies, interests, hobbies and more. Basically they just want to see if you fit in the group.
Pay attention to the room/flat description. Some are for women only, and some of them border being discriminatory (vegans only, leftist only, conservative only, hunters only, and many more). But then, one should be allowed to choose with whom to live; that applies both to who's looking for a new flatmate and to you too, looking for a new flat.