Still looking for a room in Göttingen?
Or maybe looking for an upgrade?
Allow us to present the coolest student Residence in Göttingen:

Basecamp creates smart and exciting living spaces
for dreamers, thinkers and go-getters. Their projects
breathe new life into neighbourhoods, spice up the
social scene with events and create a strong sense
of community and belonging. Located near the city
centre, the Basecamp residence is designed to
transform the guest experience.
From the many communal spaces and facilities to the
rich social calendar curated by their in-house teams,
Basecamp offers much more than a bed and a desk.
It’s an invitation to explore, discover, and grow.

Basecamp Göttingen

At Basecamp you get not only a room, but

  • Shared Kitchens
  • Gym
  • Cinema
  • Laundry (costs not included in rent)
  • Community Events
  • Onsite Support & Help 24/7
  • Studying Rooms
  • Communal Spaces
  • Bus stop right at the door


The Rooms

With a total of 592 rooms, you have sizes from 12m2 to 25m2
All rooms include private bathroom and are equipped with the basic furniture.
Make a virtual visit to the rooms:

We have been there ourselves and can assure you this is exactly how these
amazing rooms look like!
Bonus: as the residence has been just built, you get to be the first student
ever staying in your room!


Basecamp Göttingen
Gothaer Pl. 2-8
37083 Göttingen, GERMANY

Situated near the Rathaus, the residence as an amazing location at the doors of the city centre

  • City Centre (Gänseliesel): 20min on foot / 8min on bike / 11min with bus
  • Central Campus: 29min on foot / 13min on bike / 15min with bus
  • North Campus: 53min on foot / 16min on bike / 30min with bus
  • HAWK: 29min on foot / 17min on bike / 14min with bus
  • Train Station: 29min on foot / 8min on bike / 14min with bus
  • Uniklinikum: 44min on foot / 13min on bike / 27min with bus
  • Nearest Supermarket: 4min on foot / 2min on bike / bus? won't save you any time on this one :D
  • Nearest Bakery: 1min on foot / bike? will take you longer to unlock and lock back than just walk / bus? really!? no



It's immediate!
No waiting list, no awaiting for confirmation!
Just choose the room size you want and the duration of the stay.
Then you just need to make the first payment
          - paying a deposit of 2-3 months equivalent of rent is standard practice in Germany
            you will get the money back at the end of your contract -
And that's it, the room is yours!
Even better? You have 14 days to cancel your booking free of cost in case you discover you can't move in anymore (helps with visa issues)

Still have questions?

Feel free to approach us, or to contact them directly via

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