Most of the faculties of our university are located at the two main campuses, one in the north of Göttingen ("Nordcampus") and one in the centre at the Platz der Göttinger Sieben ("Hauptcampus"). Whereas most Natural Sciences as well as Agriculture and Forestry are in the north, the faculties of Social Sciences, Economics, Law, Theology, Philosophy and Psychology are located on or around the main campus. You will also find here the ZESS where you can learn almost any kind of language. 

Here you can find a map of both our campuses.


Many of our buildings have long, bureaucratic names that no one likes to use! Instead, people started to use a bunch of shortcuts for all kind of buildings and institutions. As it frustrated many of us as well in the beginning, we decided to give you a short overview about the most used shortcuts:

ZHG - Zentrales Hörsaalgebäude (our main lecture building)
VG - Verfügungsgebäude (building with seminar rooms)
Oec - Oeconomicum (faculties of economics and social sciences)
Theo - Theologicum (faculty of theology)
KWZ - Kulturwissenschaftliches Zentrum (center for cultural sciences, hosting a library and seminar rooms)
LSG - Lern- und Studierendengebäude (building consisting of study rooms - from 1 person to 24 persons rooms)
MZG - Mehrzweckgebäude (Also called "Blauer Turm" which means blue tower, due to its blue colored windows. Hosting CIP-Pools with computers and printers, libraries and offices)