During your semester/year in Göttingen you and your new group of friends will develope new habits.
You will go to Mensa together three times a week, you will organise Erasmus Parties every Saturday, you will promisse to each other to never drink again on Mondays morning...
And on Tuesdays night you all go to Barracuda!
An hiden secret in Göttingen for German students, Barracuda is the most popular bar among international and Erasmus students - and is also the cheapest one in Göttingen!
They only open on Tuesdays, and the bar is fully managed by the students living in the residence - yes, the bar is in the basement of a student residence right on Campus.
Join us for a fun night - happy hour goes until 22h00 with beer for 1€ only

18/10/2022 - 21:00
  • Everyone is invited.