If something is fun, why only going once when we can go twice!?
Want to experience the second biggest Oktoberfest in Germany (after Munich) once again?
Would you like to try your way through some special or traditional types of beer, hop on some roller coasters or just have a great evening and get to know some friends?
Then pack your Dirndl and Lederhosen (if you want) and come with us to the Oktoberfest Hannover!
Before arriving at the festivities we will do a short city tour in Hannover.

We will meet in front of the train station in Göttingen (Bahnhofplatz) at 14h50, in front of the train station in Hannover at 16h25.
The train ride is free if you have either a valid student ID for the Summer Semester or the Deutschland Ticket. It is also possible to get a group ticket at the departure time.

04/10/2023 - 14:45
  • Everyone is invited.