Be a part of Spree Break, the biggest gathering of Erasmus and International students in Germany! Explore the capital Berlin together with almost 2.000 international students for the national event of ESN Germany.
Get your ticket here:

If you got a Welcome Weeks Ticket you can participate in the raffle for a free Spree Break ticket!
Check the conditions here.

--- When? ---
On the weekend of the 17th until the 19th November 2023

--- What is included? ---
- Hostel & breakfast
- Party-package for Friday and Saturday
- Cultural programme with Museums, City Tours & Sightseeing
- Flag Parade
- Opening Ceremony
- Goodie Bag

- Three days of fun
--- How much does it cost? ---
The Two Nights Package costs 105€ with your ESNcard (or 120€ without ESNcard).
If you have where to sleep in Berlin and just want to join the activities you can also get the Culture & Party Package for 50€ (or 60€ without ESNcard)
A tree Night option from 16th to 19th can be arranged too.

---What about travel? ---
Travel to/from Berlin is not included, but that does not mean we don't take you from Göttingen!
We will be traveling to/in/from Berlin with the Deutschland Ticket.
Please get yours in advance with the student discount so that you can enjoy the entire weekend!
If you prefer to travel by yourslef any other way that's also possible, we will be sharing the exact travel times a month before.

--- Which additional expenses should be taken into account? ---
- Meals and drinks after breakfast,
- Local public transport in Berlin if you do not have the Deutschland Ticket
- Any other cultural/social program not included on our plan

--- Ticket Sale ---
Will open on 8th October at 1pm.
Get your ticket here:
--- Impressions from past Spree Breaks ---
If you already want to get an idea what’s waiting for you, take a look at the videos from Spree Break 2016 ( and 2018 (!
--- What if I can't join after buying the Ticket? --
In this case we will try to pass your ticket to someone else. If we can't, we can't assure that we can refund you fully or partially, as we ourselves will have to cover for the costs that have been paid in advance counting with your presence.
17/11/2023 - 08:30 to 19/11/2023 - 17:30
105€ (120€ without ESNcard)
  • Everyone is invited.