Spree Break 2023 - 120€ voucher Free Draw

Rules for the Free Draw

  1. People who get a Welcome Weeks ticket get to be allowed to participate in the Free Draw
    1. They get a form on their Welcome Bag;
    2. This form cannot be passed to a different person than the one who has the Welcome Weeks Ticket.
  2. The form gives them one ticket for the Free Draw if filled in and given back to a Board member of the e.V.
    1. The people allowed to participate can get extra tickets by tagging @ESN.Goettingen on their own Instagram posts and stories during the Welcome Weeks events between 12.10.2023 and 25.10.2023;
    2. They can get maximum one ticket per story and one per post they tag us on each event - meaning in one event they can get up to extra tickets;
    3. The participant is required to send us a print screen from their post or story tagging us;
    4. They have until 26.10.2023 at 23h59 Berlin time to send us any and all print screens;
    5. The print screens can be sent to us either via Instagram DM or mail to vorstand@esn-goettingen.de .
  3. The winner will be drawn on 27.10.2023 and contacted by the Board of the e.V.
    1. If the winner cannot be contacted within 48 hours, the draw becomes invalid and a new winner will be drawn;
    2. Any drawn tickets that would give the win to a previous winner that could not be contacted are automatically invalidated and a new ticket is drawn.
  4. The winner gets a discount code worth 120€
    1. The code can be passed to a different person;
    2. If the person using the code has an ESNcard, only one of the discount codes can be used and they do not accumulate;
    3. The discount code can be used for either the two or three nights ticket, or for the Culture & Party ticket;
    4. If the person winning the Free Draw already has bought a ticket, they can get a reimbursement up to 120€, but no more than what they paid for the ticket already.
  5. This Free Draw is organised by International Student Network Göttingen e.V.
    1. Members of the e.V. are not allowed to participate.
  6. In case of uncertainties in the rules during the process, the Board of the e.V. will decide.



Rules version 1 from 08.10.2023 11h30 Berlin time