The most amazing start of the semester is upon us!
From 13th to 23th of October ESN Göttingen will offer all sort of events to let you know the city, meet new people and friends, discover a bit of German culture and get fully motivated for the upcoming semester.

You can buy your participation ticket for the entire Welcome Week for 15€ (30€ without ESNcard) here (click me, I'm a link)!
You can also buy the ticket in cash at the Office during Office Hours.

The events are the following

  • Thursday 13th: Pub Night
    Cost: Free - Bar prices for everything else
    40% discount on Beer/Cider Pitcher
  • Friday 14th: Welcome BBQ
    Cost: 7,50€ (5€ with ESNcard)
  • Saturday 15th: Speed Friending
    Cost: Free
  • Saturday 15th (night): Get Together
    Cost: Free
  • Sunday 16th: Hike to Plesse Burg
    Cost: Free
  • Monday 17th: City Rally
    Cost: 5€ (3€ with ESNcard)
  • Tuesday 18th: Goslar Day Tour
    Cost: Free - Semesterticket or Train ticket needed
  • Tuesday 18th (night): Barracuda
    Cost: Free - Bar prices for everything else
  • Wednesday 19th: Sports Afternoon
    Cost: Free
  • Thursday 20th: International Dinner
    Cost: Free
  • Friday 21st: Beer Tasting
    Cost: 10€ (5€ with ESNcard)
  • Saturday 22nd: Einbeck Day Tour
    Cost: Free - Semesterticket or Train ticket needed
  • Saturday 22nd (night): Kiosk Crawl
    Cost: 3€ (2€ with ESNcard)
  • Sunday 23rd: Closing BBQ
    Cost: 7,50€ (5€ with ESNcard)


In many of the free events we will also provide drinks (beer, soft drinks), but we ask for a donation.
In any event that we provide drinks, we guarantee to always have non-alcoholic drinks too - both soft drinks and alcohol-free beer.
All the needed info for each event will be published on their respective pages.
In case of any changes you will be sent a mail as soon as possible,
You will also receive a mail at the beginning with a link for a WhatsApp group for real time updates.

Check our last Welcome Week

Terms & Conditions

If you do not want to buy a full week ticket but prefer to pay per event, you can pay at each one of the events the respective fee. Do not forget to bring your ESNcard to get the discount.
If after having paid for the Welcome BBQ you decide you want to instead buy a ticket for the entire week, you can just pay the difference. You just have to get back to us until Sunday.
After Sunday is not possible to get discount on the Full Week ticket from having paid entrance to a single event. Buying the ticket at full price or with ESNcard discount will still be possible.

At any event free of cost but with limited indoor capacity we might choose to give priority to who has the Week Ticket and then ESNcard holders (example: reserved table at a Pub for ESNcard holders only until a certain hour).

We do not make reimbursements in case you buy the ticket and later decide not to participate, or in case you do not participate in all the events, or in case we can't organise a specific event for reasons external to us that we can't control (like weather, or one of our providers canceling on us last minute).
In case you are impedeed of participating after getting the ticket, we can look into each case a decide on each one individually.
In any mentioned case or other cases, German law applies.

Photos, Videos and Social Media

During all our events photos and videos of the participants will be taken and recorded. Some will be used on our Social Media and/or in any other publication of ESN Göttingen.
During the Pub Evening photos and videos of the participants will be taken and recorded by the bar for their own advertising purposes.
If you do not wish photos or videos of you to be published, please approach us and inform us.