What is the ESNcard?

ESNcard is the membership card of the Erasmus Generation.
The ESNcard is also a great way to share all the benefits of being in an international community.
With it, you will be able to enjoy a lot of benefits and discounts including flights,
bars or restaurants, trips, electronics and even on our own trips and events!

Who can get the ESNcard?

  • Erasmus+ international incoming students (outgoing students net to get the ESNcard at their incoming Section);
  • Erasmus+ trainees;
  • International incoming students or trainees on a mobility programme, outside of Erasmus+;
  • International undergraduate or postgraduate full degree students;
  • European Voluntary Service (EVS) volunteers.


Where can I get it?

  • Every Tuesday at our office hour (closed for undefined time due to Covid-19).
  • At many of our other events (only if Luís is present).
  • Online here.


How much does it costs?

15€ when ordered online or bought in person.

What benefits are those exactly?