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Eager for Nature but not fan of walks? ⛰🏞
Want to see and know more about Göttingen and the region?
Why not joining us on a Bike Tour to Burg Plesse?! đŸšŽâ€â™€ïžđŸšŽâ€â™‚đŸ°

On Saturday 11th of July, parallel to our afternoon hike to one of the best preserved castle ruins around Göttingen, we will have another Bike Tour through the Göttingen's Forest.
This bike trail is of medium dificulty and not much recomended for people that are not used to rid a bike through hills, but quite enjoyable.
The way to the Castle will take circa one hour.

At the castle we will make a pause for resting, enjoy the view, and having a snack. We recommend you to bring enough water and food for the afternoon.
Due to the current restrictions registration is compulsory and the group is limited to a maximum of 10 people. We will inform you on the day before per mail where you can meet us and the exact time.
Register here:

11/07/2020 - 15:00
  • Everyone is invited.