Göttingen Bucket List

There's more about living in Göttingen than walking around in the city center and exploring its sights (you haven't done that either? Check out our Top 10 Places).
Take the challenge, finish this bucket list and be a real "Göttinger" by the end of your stay! 

  1. Spend a night with other students at the Wilhelmsplatz (Willi)
  2. Have a barbecue with your friends at the Kiessee
  3. Go to Barracuda Bar on Tuesday night (especially for international students!)
  4. Watch a play at Deutsches Theater, Junges Theater, Theater im OP
  5. Enjoy a coffee with other students at Café Campus or Café Zentral
  6. Have a „Tiefseetaucher“ at Nautibar
  7. Visit one of the many clubs in town, e.g. Savoy/EinsB
  8. Finish the night at so called Dönermeile
  9. Have a Glühwein at the Christmas Market
  10. Enjoy a local beer, e.g. Göttinger or Nörten-Hardenberger
  11. Go for a run on the Wallrunde (or a walk)
  12. Taste the best fancy cakes in town at Cron&Lantz
  13. Go for a swim at Baggersee
  14. Hike towards Bismarckturm, Kehr and Kerstingröder Feld
  15. Have a „Göttinger Bratwurst“ at Glöckle
  16. Bike trip along Leine river
  17. Visit the (old) Sternwarte
  18. Try one of the many bars, e.g. Thanners/Trou
  19. Take a guided tour through the Göttingen underground
  20. Be lucky an get to witness a „Kiss the Gänseliesel ceremony“ (yes, she is definitely the most kissed girl in town!)