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Which measures are the German authorities currently taking?

  • Retail: Among others, specialty shops and outlet centers must close. Shops that sell everyday items are explicitly NOT closed. These include grocery stores, weekly markets, pick-up and delivery services, beverage stores, pharmacies, medical supply stores, drug stores, petrol stations, banks, post offices, hairdressers, dry cleaners, laundromats, newspaper stores, construction, horticultural and pet supplies markets and wholesale. For these areas, even the sales bans on Sunday are to be suspended until further notice. But there should come up requirements for hygiene, for controlling access to shops and for avoiding queues.
  • Leisure: Bars, clubs, discos, pubs have to close. Likewise theaters, operas, concert halls and museums. This also applies to fairs, exhibitions, cinemas, leisure and animal parks, arcades, casinos, betting shops and brothels. Playgrounds are also closed.
  • Restaurants: Restaurants should not be allowed to open before 6:00 a.m. and must close at 6:00 p.m. People, restaurants and hotels are supposed to minimize the risk of spreading the corona virus - for example, through distance rules for tables, restrictions on the number of visitors or hygiene measures. Overnight stays in Germany should only be able to be used for "necessary" - explicitly not touristic - purposes.
  • Health care: All health care facilities remain open, taking into account higher hygiene requirements.
  • Sports facilities: Business in all public and private sports facilities, swimming and fun pools, gyms and similar facilities will be discontinued.

(Source:, last checked on 19 Mar 2020)

Additionally, the European Union (EU) decided to stop any non-European citizen from entering the EU effected immediately. (Source: Spiegel, last checked on 17 Mar 2020)


What does the German health system ask you to do if you suspect to have been infected?
1) Do you have cold symptoms?
An infection with the novel coronavirus can lead to symptoms such as fever, dry cough, runny nose and fatigue. Breathing problems, sore throats, headache and body aches, and chills have also been reported. Some people experience nausea and diarrhea.
However, since the symptoms can range from mild to severe, all people with cold symptoms should stay at home at the moment out of consideration for others.

No -> You shouldn't worry for now. You do not meet any criteria for a test.
Yes -> 2) Have you been to risk areas OR did you have close contact with an infected person?
You can find them via areas
Did you touch or kiss that person, were you coughed at, sneezed at, or were you in a room together for more than 15 minutes?

Yes to at least one part of the question -> Call the on-call doctor (116 117) or the responsible health authority. Stay at home if possible and avoid contact with others.
No -> 3) Did you have remote contact with an infected person?
This means that you were in a room with the person for less than 15 minutes. Not touching them, always keep a distance of about two meters or only seen them outdoors.
Yes -> Call your GP
No -> 4) Did you have contact with someone who in turn was in contact with infected people?
Yes -> If your contact person has flu-like symptoms, he/she should call the responsible health authority (Göttingen: +49 551/400-4802 and -4803).
You can wait for this test yourself. Avoid social contacts out of consideration for others.
No -> 5) Do you belong to a risk group?
So are you over 60, chronically ill or pregnant?
Yes -> Call your GP
No -> You shouldn't worry for now. You do not meet any criteria for a test.
(Source: FAZ, last checked on 19 Mar 2020)

(If you want to ask general questions about the corona virus in the city and administrative district of Göttingen, you can call the citizen hotline +49 551 7075100; Business hours: Mon till Sun, 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. - 6 p.m.; Note: Proper knowledge of the German language might be necessary.)


How many infections are there currently in Göttingen?

As of 19 March 2020, there are 32 confirmed cases in the administrative district of Göttingen.

(Source: Göttinger Tageblatt, last checked on 19 Mar 2020)


Until when is the university closed?

The start of lectures at the University of Göttingen originally scheduled for 14 April 2020 was postponed to 20 April 2020. The decision on a possible further postponement and the extension of the lecture period will depend on the further development of the coronavirus pandemic. Please visit (available in English, last checked on 16 Mar 2020) to gather more details for the University community or check the website of your respective academic institution in Göttingen.